Academic Achievements

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  • Prosthetic management of a patient with aggressive periodontitis through inter-disciplinary approach- JOURNAL OF INDIAN PROSTHODONTIC SOCIETY, Vol.2 pageno.288-290, 2012
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  • Lasers in prosthodontics- a literature review- JOURNAL OF INDIAN PROSTHODONTIC SOCIETY , Vol.1 page no186-188 2011
  • Full mouth rehabilitation of a patient with chronic periodontitis- KERALA DENTAL JOURNAL, Vol 34 No : 3 , July 2011
  • “Interdisciplinary approach in dentistry- A case report- CLINICAL DENTISTRY 2010
  • Efficacy of tissue conditioner acting as fungicidal drug delivery system-An in vitro study-JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL PATHOLOGY Vol 1:June 2010
  • Management of an abutment with less clinical crown height by preserving biological width through an interdisciplinary approach-JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY DENTISTRY;Jan-april 2012,vol2 issue1