Orthodontic treatment is for aesthetic reasons. It is to improve the general appearance of patients’ teeth. Your irregular and protruded teeth are brought to normal alignment or retracted using straight arch wire technique within the shortest period of time. It can be done using teeth coloured ceramic brackets which are nearly invisible. We are Orthodontists who work on reconstructing the entire face rather than focusing exclusively on teeth.

Braces are the main treatments that come under orthodontic treatments. There are different kinds of braces. It can be fixed or removable, special fixed appliances, fixed space maintainers etc. Technology has developed a lot and the techniques used in this field has also developed. There are invisible braces also available in the industry. We try to bring the new advancements in our service.


Small attachments that are bonded individually to the teeth are called orthodontic braces. Metals or tooth-colored materials are used to make dental braces. The main objective of having orthodontic brace treatments is to get the unaligned teeth straighten. Crooked teeth creates aesthetic issues and that irritates most of the people who love their face more. Orthodontic braces are the best solution for such people. The method of treatment may vary according to the individual’s requirements and other factors. Some may fear the awkward look while wearing them. But, now there is a solution for this issue too. Invisalign braces are a kind of virtually invisible teeth-straightening technique. These invisalign braces are made up of plastic moulds and they are custom-made. They are removable and you can remove them whenever you feel to do so. But, the best results can be obtained only if you wear them properly.